When I was 5 years old, I sat down in front of a piano for the first time. It was my grandfather's old Bosendorfer upright in our living room and its amazing sound that fascinated me. A year later and after plunking my fingers off without having any idea of what exactly is going on, my mother thought it could be a good idea to find a piano teacher for me. Vera Spindel studied and taught at the St. Petersburg Conservatory before she left Russia to come to Germany. It was a lucky coincidence that she decided to settle close to my hometown. 12 years I ran through her classical Russian piano school that demanded a lot of discipline and was not always the biggest joy but is something I am deeply thankful for today. Throughout these years I played a bunch of concerts and various pieces, from Rachmaninov over Bach and Beethoven to Chopin, until I was confronted with the work of a man that should open up a totally new world for me. The first time I heard 'Three Preludes' by George Gershwin it blew my mind. Is this still art music? And, if so, what the heck is going on? His symbiosis of established structures of serious music and something else I wasn't able to identify then, led my attention to his whole repertoire and to those of his fellows: I discovered Jazz.

Week after week I binge-played one piece after another. I became a member of my high school's Big Band, founded my own combos and was simply overwhelmed by the eternal musical possibilities this genre had to offer. And that was the reason I came pretty soon to another important point of my musical development: to paraphrase the compositions of others wasn't enough for me anymore. I wanted to improvise, to play more freely, to find new song structures - I wanted to create my own repertoire. Followed by a time of experimenting it developed naturally that I started to use my voice as well. In the early stages, it was only wordless nonsense to explain melodies and rhythms to my combo colleagues. But with time I found great joy to actually sing. I was thirteen years old when I wrote my first song.

At around the same time, Shakira had her first worldwide hit 'Whenever, Wherever'. I remember a situation me sitting in a car and listening to this song on the radio. I was instantly and in a magical way attracted to her music. There were more instruments used than in a typical jazz formation and so many interesting new sounds I hadn't heard before and I wondered how those had been created. When I fell in love with Duncan James from the UK boy group 'Blue' just a little later, I finally spent most of my free time with listening to pop music and watching music videos on MTV. I was sixteen years old, when I bought my first midi keyboard and the newest version of Cubase and started to create my own amateur productions.

Years passed and I finished high school. I was pretty sure about my love to music but couldn't convince myself to actually study it at college. So I decided to give it a try with politics and philology first - and failed. In 2012 I finally found my way to Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media and started to study Popular Music with Singing and Composing as my majors. I graduated in 2016 and continued my studies at Goldsmiths University of London and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. I couldn't be more thankful for these years that happened to become the fundament of the artist I am today. I started my own pop music project, wrote and produced together with a lot of great musicians and played at numerous festivals. And it was a small but really fine independent music and arts festival close to Hanover in Germany where I met Heidi Aguilar for the first time - the second woman after Vera Spindel who changed my game once again.

Heidi was the director of the most successful circus show in Europe, ‚Feuerwerk der Turnkunst’ and she asked me to join her and her team for a six week tour with my band through the biggest arenas in Germany. After this tour in 2015, Heidi and I figured out that we love to work with each other and that our endless creative flow was in a nearly scary way very unique. I became and I still am the musical director and composer of the show. In the five years between 2015 and 2020 I developed a new live music concept and decided to end my participation as touring band leader with my very personal OPUS in 2019. 

Parallel to my work for 'Feuerwerk' I am today working as a freelance composer, producer, singer and musician for various projects in different areas, such as individual circus artists, movies, series or commercials. I am also still performing with my own musical project. Since today, I won a number of newcomer prizes (Krach&Getöse Hamburg, Bandpool Mannheim), received two prestigious scholarships, played at various international festivals (e.g. Reeperbahn Festival, c/o POP, XpoNorth, Expo Milano 2015, etc.) and toured various times with different companies in Germany and Europe. I was very lucky to present my original song 'You And I' at the German national final for Eurovision Song Contest. In 2019 I also shared the stage with the prestigious Vienna Symphonic Orchestra and the inspiring Conchita Wurst.

From autumn 2020 onwards I will be starring in the new Cirque du Soleil resident production 'NYSA' at famous 'Theater am Potsdamer Platz' in Berlin. 



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